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Feb 23, 2020

Nick Slavik owns Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration in New Prague, MN, hosts a weekly Ask-A-Painter show on Facebook that I'd liken to This Old House, and presents masters classes at trade shows and conferences. I forgot to ask if he ever sleeps. 

I kicked off this series with Episode 5, The Craftsmanship Trap,  and that episode explored the push and pull between craft and process. We heard from Nick May on process in the last episode, and in this one I was thrilled to dive into where craftsmanship fits into scale. Nick Slavik has given this a ton of thought and his perspective is invaluable here. 

Here's the article I reference in the intro:

Here's Nick Slavik's website:

And you can get in touch with Nick through his Instagram or Facebook:


Music - Ear Conflict on Main Street by Spiedkiks, CC BY SA 3.0 International License, sourced through this link