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Apr 2, 2020

Consider this my initial response to COVID and my best take on this new reality and my place within it. I think this one could be especially useful to the solo operators or small shops, but I hope that everyone can pull some value from this wide ranging monologue.

I decided to do something different - I wrote a rough...

Feb 23, 2020

Nick Slavik owns Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration in New Prague, MN, hosts a weekly Ask-A-Painter show on Facebook that I'd liken to This Old House, and presents masters classes at trade shows and conferences. I forgot to ask if he ever sleeps. 

I kicked off this series with Episode 5, The Craftsmanship Trap,  and...

Feb 23, 2020

Owner of Walls by Design in Denver, CO, producer of The Business Brush podcast, and organizer of the Crank conference Nick May joins today. 

I kicked off this series with Episode 5, the Craftsmanship Trap, and  that episode explored this push and pull between craft and process. Nick May is heavy into process, perhaps...

Feb 23, 2020

Let's call this one my manifesto. It's an exploration of an effect that I'll call the Craftsmanship Trap, the thing that keeps many of us in the weeds rather than building businesses. I'm emerging from this mindset right now, and I believe it's worthwhile to talk about how it's affecting the industry as a whole.


Jan 1, 2020

This is a short experimental episode where I lay down some thoughts on a critical part of our jobs that isn't often discussed. Enjoy!

Here's the link to the NYT article I mentioned - it's a good short read!

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