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Dec 10, 2019

Advice from a Young Tradesman welcomes the show's first formal interview guest! Jared Wise, CEO of GoGetter, joins for a conversation about their new platform and the state of the trades. 

GoGetter is an online community for students, employees, educators, and businesses within the skilled trades. GoGetter aims to become a network that connects all of these dots - the closest comparison is probably LinkedIn. GoGetter is also developing a career education component.

They recently rolled out their website, and I talk with Jared about how this project transpired, what it looks like now, and their ambitions for the future. 

Check out GoGetter's site:

And give them some love on Facebook, IG, and Twitter at GoGetterSkills!


Music - Ear Conflict on Main Street by Spiedkiks, CC BY SA 3.0 International License, sourced through this link